Easter Hop-a-thon

Our annual Hop-a-thon and egg hunt takes place in March/April at Henderson Park. During preschool our kids make bunny ears to wear during the hop. Friends and family are always welcome to enjoy the event with us. The 2020 Hop-a-thon takes place on April 5th @ 10.30am.

How it works

Our kids start by walking around the Henderson Golf course chip trail (for their pledge money). This is led by Julie and Joanna and everyone is welcome to join in.

An egg hunt at Gyro-Henderson Park follows. The kids hunt for eggs and fill their baskets!
This kind of fundraising event is a fun way for our kids, friends and family to support Oakcrest Preschool. Thanks again for your help and have fun with the Hop-a-thon fundraiser!


Greater Victoria Coupon Books

These books are made up with coupons to over 50 spots to dine, adventure, and shop while supporting local organizations all over the community.

The coupon books retail for $20 each and the preschool gets to keep 50% of the revenue (60% if we sell a lot!).

The deadline for the Coupon Book fundraiser is October 4th.


Thrifty Foods Smile Cards

The Thrifty Foods Smile Card Fundraising Program is an extension of Thrifty Foods’ philosophy of ongoing community support. It’s an easy way for Thrifty Foods customers to get involved in community initiatives and help earn much-needed funds for Oakcrest – just by shopping there.

It’s easy – just pick up a Smile Card from the fundraising box over the coat racks at the preschool, load it up and use it to buy your groceries! Remember to get one for friends and family too.

Take it to Thrifty Foods and load it up with as much money as you choose (see below for a general goal to aim for). You can use a credit card, debit card or cash to load it up, so still get all your regular points etc.

Based on Thrifty Foods donating 5% of their sales up to a maximum of $2,000, we need to spend $40,000 collectively to maximize our contribution from them.

Fairways Market Cards

These are used in exactly the same way as the Thrifty Foods cards.

Pick them up from the preschool as well.


Oliver’s Labels

Oliver’s Labels

Mix and Match products to create your own custom package. Label everything that leaves your house so if you lose your phone on the train or your tool at the construction site, it’ll get returned to you. Ordering and shipping are hassle free and super easy to do. Order yours today and have your child’s clothing, backpacks, lunch kits etc returned when lost.


COBS Bread Dough Raiser Program (Shelbourne location only)

Visit the Shelbourne Plaza COBS Bread to ‘raise dough’ for Oakcrest Preschool. Here’s how:

  1. Each time you shop at the Shelbourne Plaza COBS Bread, let the sales assistant know that you are a supporter of Oakcrest Preschool.
  2. All purchase details are recorded through COBS Bread’s point of sale system and 5% of your purchase will be recorded.
  3. Dough raised will be paid by the bakery at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th).


Bottle Depot (Quadra, Glanford & Downtown)

At the beginning of the transaction, mention to the cashier that the bottles are being donated to Oakcrest Preschool.