January 2019


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Happy New Year everyone! 2019 has arrived and we are excited to begin a brand new year at Oakcrest. Hopefully the children are ready for more fun and excitement when they return to preschool on January 7th or 8th.

December at Oakcrest was a busy as ever. The children worked very hard at making and wrapping gifts, making holiday centerpieces, and practicing their signs and singing. We talked about all types of bears and multi-cultural holiday celebrations. We were thrilled to have Deborah, Sully’s Grandma, come to visit our Tuesday/Thursday class and share a Hanukah story, and game with us. Thank you so much for that special experience! Your generous canned food donations were collected under our preschool tree and the children brought the items upstairs to the Lutheran Church to give to families in need. It was also such a special treat to have so many parents, relatives and siblings come to preschool for our holiday potlucks and sing-a-long on the last two days of class. Thank you for joining us and for all the lovely food and gifts that you all brought. We had a wonderful time and we hope that you did too. We are both also extremely appreciative of the very generous group gift that you gave us – Thank you all so much!!

January is sure to hold lots more fun for us at preschool as we talk about all types of weather, learn about winter sports, and round out the month with a transportation theme. Sometimes it takes a few days for children to get back into their preschool routines after a couple weeks away. This is quite common and certainly nothing to be concerned about. Keeping your drop off routine brief and positive, and trying not to linger too long in the classroom will help your children get back into the swing of things in no time. This also allows us to focus on the children and help them to settle into their day and maintain our routines.

Handwriting without Tears Books:
This month we will also be starting our Handwriting Without Tears work books once a week with our older children. As there is a mix of 3s and 4s in each class, we will have books for the children who will be going to kindergarten next year in either class, and we will have writing sheets available to any younger children that show interest in practicing their letters and writing as well. This is an opportunity for the children to practice their fine motor skills and to work on printing lines, shapes and the letters of the alphabet. Most of the children really enjoy this alternative to puzzle time during our Wednesday class.

Buddy Bear and Show & Tell
It is also at this time of the year that we usually start sending home Buddy Bear, our reading bear that takes turns coming home with each of the children for a visit. When Buddy Bear visits your home, please take a moment to read a book with your child and Buddy, and fill out a page of Buddy’s journal, explaining a little about the story and your child’s experiences with Buddy. The children are encouraged to draw a picture on the same page as well. When Children bring Buddy back on their next class, they will have the opportunity to share their drawing and adventures with Buddy, with the rest of the group.

Show and tell will also be starting in January for one of the classes. Please see the attached schedule which will indicate when your child will have their first (optional) show and tell day. We will also give some guidelines as to what is appropriate to bring to preschool, and what might be better to keep at home.

We will be alternating Buddy Bear and Show and Tell this year so that each class will get a chance to experience these fun preschool traditions. Starting in January, the Tu/Th class will be having show and tell while the MWF class will be taking turns with Buddy Bear. After Spring Break in March, this will switch to allow MWF class to have show and tell and the Tu/Th class to have Buddy Bear.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you and hearing about your holiday adventures!


Important Dates to Remember:

*We will be having our preschool open house at the end of January and we would like to determine which of our current families will be returning to Oakcrest next September prior to registering new children. Please let our enrolment coordinator know your intentions for next year at our January parent meeting – Thank you!
As always, please do not hesitate to contact either of the teachers should you ever have any questions or concerns about preschool. We are more than happy to arrange a time to meet or talk with you outside of preschool hours.

Julie and Joanna