December 2018


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December 2018

Fall is such a beautiful season… it’s hard to believe that it has flown by so quickly! What a fun time that has been with lots of activities both in and out of the preschool. The children have been getting to know one another and making friendships. It’s often obvious how excited they are to see each other when they arrive at the preschool as they call out each other’s names, make beeline for their friend, or give one another a big hug! It’s great to see them practicing the problem-solving skills and learning how to include each other in their play.

Both classes had a great time at
Francis/King Regional Park which has
some of the tallest trees in the region
(magnificent 500-year-old Douglas-fir trees).

We also enjoyed fun-filled stories, songs,
rhymes and puppets with our special

We will discuss the following questions:
o Have you ever seen a bear (Brown bear, Black bear,
Polar bear, Koala bear, Panda bear)?
o What do they look like (size, colour..)?
o Where do bears live?
o What do bears eat?
o Have you ever heard of hibernation and what it is?
o Do you have a teddy bear?
Hanukkah Next, we will be finding out about seasonal celebrations
that happen in many different cultures. Sully’s grandma
will come to preschool on Dec 6th to talk about Hanukkah.
Thank you, Deb, very much for sharing with us your traditions.
We will also be talking about families in need
and the seasonal traditions of giving and sharing.
To support our lesson, we would like to collect
donations of non-perishable food items. The
children will put them as gifts under the Christmas
tree, and on the last day of school we will take the
donations upstairs to the Church for the local
Food Bank collection. Thank you for your support.

Birthdays DecBDayTheme


Notes Friday, Dec.14th and Tuesday, Dec.18th
we will have visitors from Victoria Conservatory of Music.
Thursday, Dec. 20th and Friday,Dec.21st
Colour Day- Red and Green
(please wear something red or green)


On the last days of preschool we would like to invite you to come to the school at 10:45 am to be a part of our little holiday party. We will share snack and sing holiday carols together. There will be a sign up sheet for our potluck snack at preschool.

Last day before winter holiday – December 21st
January 7th- first day back to school

Warm wishes to everyone over this holiday season and all the best in the New Year 2019!!!
Thank you very much for your ongoing support and the work you are doing for our preschool.

Joanna and Julie