October 2018


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Oakcrest Preschool
October Newsletter 2018
What a wonderful first month it has been at Preschool. All the children seem to have settled in to their new routines very well. It is amazing to see how quickly they develop their social-emotional skills through the power of play. They are happy to explore all the new play areas around the preschool. It is delightful to see so many smiling faces each day.

    These are some of the new routines and skills your children have been learning:

  • transition songs e.g. five more minutes left to play…or our snack poem with several sign language signs,
  • recognizing and remembering all of the children’s names and the teachers’ names (still working on that),
  • taking turns and sharing with our new friends,
  • recognizing their names and the special places where to put their jacket and shoes,
  • remembering to use “walking feet” inside and saving the “running feet” for the outside,
  • experimenting with scissors, glue, crayons and paint (those are skills that take time and practice).
  • Please, notice the children’s artwork in our classroom, they’re very proud of it.

In October we’ll be discussing the fall season and observing all the changes this time of year brings. Our field trip will enhance our appreciation of learning about farms and how they are connected to our daily life.

With the approach of Halloween we will be creating creepy but fun art and crafts in keeping with the season.

Please, do not dress up your child in Halloween costumes for Preschool. We will have some activities planned for everyone’s enjoyment. Children can wear orange/black or use the preschool dress-up if they would like as well.

This month we will have our first fire drill. The children will practice how to exit the preschool quickly and calmly, and how to “stop, drop and roll”.

Other important information:

Themes: Farms, Food, Fall holiday Fun,

Colour Day: Orange and Black Day – October 30th and 31st
Please wear something black and/or orange,

Thanksgiving Holiday, October 8th preschool closed
We wish all of you a happy family time and a relaxing holiday,


Thursday, October 11th – Field trip to Galey’s Farms for T/Th class at 9 to 11 Friday, October 12th – Field trip to Galey’s Farms for M/W/F class at 9 to 11
*For this and all other field trips, please sign up at preschool to indicate whether your child will be attending.

Please, dress your child for the weather! It’s best to dress in layers which can be removed as the day warms up.

Birthdays Birthdays:
Oct. 22nd Ben (3)
Oct. 26th Keira (3)

Just a couple friendly reminders:
1. Please sign your child in and out every day
2. Please have snack cut up and ready to serve
3. Please write down what you brought for a snack on the attendance sheet
4. As the fall approach please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, layers work best.

We would like to welcome Madison to our Monday Wednesday Friday class and Griffin to our Tuesday Thursday class, and their families.

Please, never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.


Joanna and Julie.