September 2018


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Oakcrest Preschool
September Newsletter 2018

Hello and welcome, or welcome back, to Oakcrest Preschool! We are so excited about starting another year with all of our new and returning families. We can’t wait to see the children and hear about all the exciting things they have done over the summer. We are also thrilled to be welcoming all of the families and children who are new to the preschool this year. We are anxious to meet you all!

The time that children spend at preschool is precious, and a very important time of their lives. We are honoured to get to spend some of that special time with them. We feel very strongly about creating a safe and caring environment for the children where they can learn through play and have the opportunity to grow both socially and emotionally. We encourage open communication and appreciate you sharing your comments, questions and concerns with us.

A little separation anxiety is not uncommon or unexpected for children starting, or returning to, preschool. To help your child handle their uncertainty and nervousness, we recommend keeping a positive attitude, giving a little reassurance, and trying your best not to linger too long at the preschool before giving a brief goodbye at the morning drop off. Before long your child will likely settle right into his or her new routine.

Please don’t hesitate to call during class time if you want to check on how your child is doing. There’s nothing worse than fretting the morning away only to find out everything smoothed out minutes after you left. The preschool phone number is (250) 472-0668.

On your child’s first day of preschool please bring the following items:

  • A full set of spare clothes in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it,
  • a pair of indoor shoes (please ensure they have a non-slip sole)
  • all your child’s registration information and a filled out emergency card,
  • 2 photos of your child (one for their file and a small one for their emergency card),
  • a letter of comfort from you to your child that we can put into our earthquake kit,
  • a box of tissues (we ask that all families donate a box of tissues to the preschool to help us get through the year and all the snuffly noses that will inevitably come).

Other important information:

Snack schedule
A snack calendar will be distributed shortly which will indicate when it is your turn to bring snack. Please remember to check the snack calendar regularly so that you will not miss the days when it is your turn to bring snack. You can find snack ideas and portion suggestions in our policies and procedures on our website.

Monthly Newsletter
Please make note of meetings, special days and fieldtrips when reading the monthly newsletter. We try to include all important preschool information in our newsletter so that you can refer back to it throughout the month. You can also find our newsletters on the Preschool website!

Registration Information
For safety reasons, it is very important that we have up to date registration information for all of the children on file at the preschool so please do remember to bring or update all required registration documents (if you have not already done so) on or before your child’s first day of class.

If your child has any allergies, health concerns, or special diet requirements please provide written instruction for the teachers describing the allergy, health concern or diet requirements, and what steps to take should your child need assistance or experience a reaction at preschool.

Outdoor Wear
Please remember to send rain boots and rain jackets (rain pants are great too if you have them) on wet days, and warm jackets and gloves on cold days. We like to spend some time outside everyday and it is much more enjoyable for all the children if they have the gear to keep them warm and dry out there.

Arrival and Departure
Please make sure that the teachers know when your child arrives at preschool and when he or she is picked up. Please do not leave the preschool or playground with your child without signing out, saying good bye and letting a teacher know that you are leaving. Thank you!

Our themes for September: “1,2,3’s of Preschool” & “Let’s Be Friends”
• We will also have a special “Teddy Bear Picnic Day” on September 20th, and 21st when all the children can bring a favourite stuffed animal or doll to preschool.

September Birthdays:

    Ava – September 18th

Important Dates to Remember:

We have a Preschool Welcome day for all our families at Horner Park on Thursday, August 30th, 2018 from 10 – 11 am. and we hope to see you there!
The preschool will be open afterward until noon for all our new families so please take this opportunity to visit and explore with your child.

For the first week of preschool we will have only half the class come each day. This means that your child will attend just one day of class on the first week of preschool (two days if they are registered for five days a week). Please find your child’s first day in the “welcome to preschool” letters that they have received in the mail. Please contact us if your child has not received their letter in the mail.

To help all the children get settled into their new routines, the first two weeks of preschool will be shortened.

From September 4th to 7th class time will be from 9:00am – 11:00am
From September 10th to 14th class time will be from 9:00am – 11:15am
From September 17th on, class will run from 9:00am – 11:45pm.

* Please note that pick up will be at the playground unless the weather prevents us from going outside.

First Parent MeetingThursday, September 13th from 7-8pm at Oakcrest Preschool.
Please remember that there are only three Parent Meetings throughout the year and your attendance at the meetings is very important.

We are looking forward seeing you soon and to having a great preschool year!

Joanna and Julie